Welcome Friends and Participants,

This database contains all resolution reports on file for the Sissy Haas project, "Finding the Limit for Uneven Double Stars."  The project began in September 2012 and is now in its fourth year.  As of February 6, 2016, we have logged 2,150 observations, of fifty-four target stars, using fifty-five different apertures.

Perhaps you are visiting after reading the recent article in the November, 2015 issue of Sky & Telescope.  We hope you will consider joining us.  This is a fun, collaborative project among amateur astronomers all over the world.  Working this list will make you a better observer.  There are gems in this table for any aperture or skill level.  If you would like to become a contributing observer, please register by contacting:  Sissy Haas.


Update No. 91 completed 2016:02:07:04:10 UT.  Forty-three reports were filed on fifteen test pairs.  See the Recent Entries table.

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Navigating the Database:

  1. Master Table  – Master Table of the Test Pairs displays the target stars with separation in arc seconds along the y axis, and magnitude difference (ΔM) along the x axis.  Each star name in the table is an active link.  Clicking on the star name will display a list of all resolution reports on file for that pair, by aperture.
  2. Data For The Test Pairs  – Displays coordinates and supporting data necessary for locating and observing the Test Pairs.  Standard Atlas Map Pages and SAO Numbers are included.
  3. WDS Reference  – These tables list data on the test pairs extracted from the Washington Double Star Catalog.  The test pairs are listed in order of Right Ascension.
  4. Recent Entries  – Highlights the latest resolution reports added to the Database.  We update the database every two weeks.
  5. Community  – Links to the websites of some of our participants and their respective Astronomical Societies.